RTS TriggerShield – A Worthwhile Trigger Safety Device for an AR?

TRS TriggerShield in operation.

Looking at the products on display at Triggercon 2018, one rather interesting item we saw was the RTS TriggerShield. Designed to “prevent unintentional contact with the trigger”, it reminded me a bit of the TriggerSafe safety device, but with a tactical twist.  I recently spoke with Ryan Richetti of Richetti Tactical Solutions, LLC, who gave us some info and background on the device.

Upfront, items like this are historically pretty controversial. Many will argue something like this is not needed…but to TriggerShield’s credit, it does work exactly as advertised…it is quick to operate and seems well thought out for what it is.

Curious though, what’s your opinion of something like this?  Is this a viable solution, or is more training on weapon handling a better approach? Is there a situation where you’d consider one?  Let us know in the comments below.

Q:  Ryan, we saw this product highlighted at this year’s Triggercon and wanted you to give us a brief explanation, as we’re always looking for new and interesting items that come out for the AR platform.  Just what is the RTS TriggerShield?

A:  The RTS TriggerShield covers the trigger well of the firearm.  It is a shield that hangs over on either side of the rifle, we sell them as a set. Its function is to block the trigger well from any inadvertent breach, any unintentional contact with the trigger, be that a finger prematurely or a piece of gear…a branch…someone grabbing at your weapon. Whatever that is, this is a physical impediment to something getting on that trigger by accident.  The reasons for that are obvious.  You don’t want anything touching the trigger until you mean to pull the trigger purposely.

That said, in order for a tactical safety device such as this to be viable, you do have to be able to get onto that trigger on purpose when you want to, quickly and tactically.   What we are most proud of is our design that allows you to swipe right up underneath it from a down to up motion.  As a right-handed shooter like I am, with my trigger fingertip to the right, I’d be doing basically a small backwards C motion down off the bottom of that shield and up underneath it to access the trigger.

Then as soon as I am done working that trigger on purpose I just extend my finger out just like I would without a trigger shield on there, and either side the shield is spring biased to be closed.  The shield is going to close inherently.  That’s another big aspect.  You don’t have to turn it on or off, you don’t have to tune it up.  All you have to do is bypass it, access the trigger, and as soon as you are done, its closing up…doing its job.

Q:  People are going to have an opinion on something like this.  Perhaps say, “just train harder.”  Who do you feel benefits from a device like this, and why?

A:  We feel like this is a very beneficial, viable solution for a wide spectrum of shooters.  If you consider the newer shooter who does not have a lot of range time, does not have the muscle memory of keeping their finger out of the trigger well until they are ready to shoot something, this is an obvious benefit for them, as it is a physical impediment.

It also has benefits for someone with more experiences, perhaps an operator. Its not that you are concerned about accidently touching the trigger, but the fact that you carry your weapon all day every day, and use it all day every day.  There is infinitely more opportunity for something like a piece of gear to accidently rub off your safety selector switch. You then have someone walking around with a hot weapon, not really knowing it.

The safety selector switch is not intelligent.  The trigger is not intelligent.  If that thing gets knocked off by accident and a corner of a mag on your MOLLE gear gets into that trigger and presses it, that weapon is going to discharge, it doesn’t care.

So, what do you think?  Is this something you could benefit from?  Let us know below.  Should you want to try one for your self, or for more info, head on over the RTS TriggerShield website.

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