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AR-15 Triggers Explained – Which Trigger is Best for You?

In today’s market, there are an ever-increasing number of AR-15 triggers available to consumers. Not all triggers are created equal, so how does someone pick out what is going to be best for them? Todd Gimian discusses triggers and what you should consider before purchasing.

AR Triggers & Anti-Rotation Trigger Pins – School of the American Rifle

Anti-rotation trigger pins are something we see on a lot of AR builds, but are they really necessary? More than that, can they be causing more harm than good in certain cases? To learn more about anti-rotation trigger pins and for some basic advice on AR-15 triggers, we reached out to Chad Albrecht at School of the American Rifle.

Triggrcon 2019 – CMC Triggers

More from Triggrcon 2019…here we visit CMC Triggers. CMC has been manufacturing drop-in trigger components since 2003. We talk to CMC Triggers about how their self-contained is potentially a step above the competition…and more.

Hiperfire Hipertouch Triggers – An Overview

We’re passionate about learning the ins and outs of companies and the how and why behind their products. One unique trigger that has repeatedly caught our eye is the Hiperfire Hipertouch. To learn more about the idea behind its design, we reached out the the founder and CEO of Hiperfire, Terry Bender.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works – Interview with Mike Mihalski

Since we began interviewing the best and brightest in our industry, we’ve had several requests to do an in-depth profile on Sons of Liberty Gun Works. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the firearms they’re producing…customizable high-quality, “bet-your-life” rifles at fairly reasonable cost. To learn more about the company and some of their recent offerings, we reached out to Mike Mihalski, owner of Sons of Liberty Gun Works.

Palmetto State Armory – SHOT Show 2019

We talk with Chad Wylie, CIO of Palmetto State Armory about what’s new for 2019. Chad highlights a pair of “competition-ready” custom series firearms in 5.56 and in 9mm, and details two new match grade billet receiver sets that PSA will be releasing this year.

Geissele Automatics – SHOT Show 2019

Why is Geissele so highly regarded when it comes to a trigger you can depend on? To find out, we visited the Geissele booth at SHOT Show 2019 to get a close-up look at the Geissele SSA, G2S, SSA-E, Super Dynamic 3-Gun Trigger and get an overview of their Super Duty Trigger…We also ask why so many professionals recommend their brand.

Chris Costa of Costa Ludus on ARs and Mindset

In part two of our conversation with Chris Costa, we talk about his training philosophy at Costa Ludus and how to set up an AR properly. More importantly, Chris discusses the importance of the combat mindset and the big picture he feels many of us may not be seeing.

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