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8.6 Blackout – A 2021 Update with Q’s Kevin Brittingham

We recently sat down with Q’s Kevin Brittingham to get an update on the highly anticipated launch of 300 Blackout’s “bigger brother” – the 8.6 Blackout. Our last update on the round was in February 2020, just before the pandemic. While we recently released the full audio of the conversation, we wanted to pull the highlights of that recording as it pertains specifically to 8.6 Blackout, and where it stands as we enter the summer of 2021.

Q’s Kevin Brittingham Update on 8.6 Blackout

Kevin Brittingham of Q LLC recently sat down for an interview with SilencerShop about the 8.6 Blackout.  We’ve been following this cartridge’s progress closely, but this recent video provides anyone interested with a great status update.   As far as basics, 8.6 has been described as 300 Blackout’s bigger brother. An easy way to visualize … Read more

Q Side Chick Chassis and an Update on 8.6 Creedmoor

In part two of our recent conversation with Q CEO Kevin Brittingham, we get an update on the status of 8.6 Creedmoor and discuss the development of the new Q Side Chick, a modular precision rifle chassis for short action Remington 700 actions.

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