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Unforced Errors & AR-15 Mistakes to Avoid with Mark Smith of JBS Training Group

Simple mistakes mental mistakes and bad gear choices may be holding you back from becoming a better shooter and a more capable armed citizen.  To learn simple, practical areas where we can improve, we recently reached out to Mark Smith of JBS Training Group.  We discuss a new course he’s working on, concerning trends, common gear mistakes, and more.

Gun Training – AR-15 Basics with Mike Green of Green Ops

Seeking training from a reputable company is a vital step in developing your skills with your newly built or purchased AR-15. Just having a high quality, reliable firearm is not enough. To learn more about the standards we need to set for ourselves and how to set our ARs up for success, we recently reached out to Mike Green from Green Ops.

Clone Rifles – How to Get Started Building a Clone Rifle

We recently sat down with Chris from to learn more about the state of building clone ARs in 2022, his take on the cloning community and its reputation, as well as a bit about the website’s background, what parts are getting hard to find, and some details on his upcoming clone shoot later this year.

Building an AR-15 – Avoiding Common and Costly Mistakes

We recently sat down with Alex Bohl from Trajectory Arms to discuss how you can avoid common and costly mistakes when building an AR-15. As a professional builder, Alex knows his way around the AR-15, and has a unique perspective on the tools and parts needed to successfully build a hard-use AR.

Building an AR-15 – Seeking Professional Help

Despite what you might have been lead to believe, building an AR-15 isn’t like building Legos. How do you know when you should attempt to do something yourself versus reaching out to a professional to do the work for you? 

Should I Build or Buy an AR-15? An ARBuildJunkie Overview

One of the most common questions we get at ARBuildJunkie is “should I buy or build an AR-15?” The answer depends on several variables. Author Todd Gimian explores the pros and cons of assembling a rifle versus buying one from a manufacturer.

Precision Rifle Shooting Tips – Fundamentals for Success with Jeremy Tye

We expand beyond the basics to learn some more advanced tips for precision shooting, and what it takes to take your shooting to the next level. We discuss the importance of being able to factor for wind, proper shooting position, and how to best support your rifle while shooting, the correct way to use a tripod, and more.

Precision Rifle Shooting for Beginners – Critical Gear with Jeremy Tye

We recently sat down with professional precision shooter Jeremy Tye to learn more about what it takes to get into precision gas gun shooting and advice on rifles, ammo, and more. In this article, we talk about the mission-critical accessories you need to get started and the best way to get your foot in the door of the competition world.

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