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Precision Gas Gun Shooting Basics with Jeremy Tye – Part 1

AR enthusiasts seeking new challenges and excitement can find themselves venturing into the world of long-range, precision gas gun shooting. One shooter fast making a name for himself in the world of precision gas guns is Jeremy Tye. We recently sat down with Jeremy to learn more about how he got involved in long-range precision shooting, his reasoning why 6.5 Creedmoor is king, and what sort of rifle is best suited for the task.

Mark Smith of JBS Training Group Talks Rifle Support Bags

New video from Mark Smith of JBS Training Group talks rifle support bags and why they should be something you pick up for your rifle. Learn about different bags, features he likes and dislikes, how these bags support both your gun, your body, and more. Be sure to check out recent articles we’ve done with … Read more

Velox Training Group Gives Overview of Magnifiers and Red Dots on ARs

Nick Young from Velox Training group gives a great overview of how to best set up a magnifier behind your red dot, and what to expect from such a configuration. There’s a lot to consider before simply slapping an magnifier behind your existing red dot, including the mount you select for your magnifier, eye relief considerations you may not have thought of, adjusting your magnifier’s diopter, and more.

Becoming A Better Shooter – Fundamentals, Zeroing & More with Ian Tashima

Becoming a better shooter is something we are always striving for. To learn more about fundamentals, we recently sat down with Ian Tashima, a well-regarded expert on the topic. In part two of our recent discussion, we discuss the importance of stability, factors that impact your performance, parallax, zeroing misconceptions, and more.

AR-15 Magazine Basics – Performance Overview with Duane Liptak of Magpul

There’s a lot more to an AR-15 magazine than it just being a box with a spring. Author Duane Liptak of Magpul gives an overview of the factors involved in making a good, reliable magazine. Learn the how, and the why behind Magpul’s magazine design, and use the information to inform your decisions around magazine selection, whatever you choose to purchase.

AR-15 Basics – A Buyer’s Guide for the AR-15

If you’re new to the world of the AR, there’s a lot of information on AR-15 basics that is critical to know, but unfortunately it can be difficult to know where to start. Due to so much bad information out there, it can be hard to know which way to turn. That’s what this series of articles by author Todd Gimian is all about. Rather than written to try to sell you something, Todd’s goal is to arm you with the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about your AR.

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