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Chris Costa Reflects on “The Art of the Tactical Carbine”

In part one of our two part interview with Chris Costa, we talk with Chris about his early days at Magpul Dynamics and his role in the very influential video, The Art of the Tactical Carbine. With Magpul celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, we think it’s a fitting time to look back at the tremendous influence of that video, and also discuss with Chris how the training concepts shared in that video change over time.

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Hodge Defense – An Overview with Jim Hodge

Hodge Defense Systems Inc. is currently making some of the finest AR-15s in the world today…if you can find one. In recent conversations with industry folks who live and breathe ARs, Jim Hodge’s name and his rifles have come up more than a few times. To learn a bit more about the legend of Jim and Hodge Defense Systems, we reached out to the man himself.

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