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Magpul – SHOT Show 2019

magpul drum

With Magpul celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2019, we were excited to visit the Magpul booth and take a look at what was new. Of everything we saw, the new .308 drum mag was our favorite…and the new bipod also looked quite nice in person. We get a tour of both new Magpul products in this video.

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Geissele Automatics – SHOT Show 2019

Why is Geissele so highly regarded when it comes to a trigger you can depend on? To find out, we visited the Geissele booth at SHOT Show 2019 to get a close-up look at the Geissele SSA, G2S, SSA-E, Super Dynamic 3-Gun Trigger and get an overview of their Super Duty Trigger…We also ask why so many professionals recommend their brand.

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