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Rosco Manufacturing AR-15 Barrels – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A

When researching respected, high-quality, yet affordable barrels for the AR platform, one name that pops up continuously is Rosco Manufacturing. Known for years as a dependable OEM manufacturer, the company also offers its Bloodline, Purebred, and very recently, it’s new K9 line of barrels. To learn more about the company and the barrels it offers, we reached out to Rosco’s Tiberious Giblin.

Wilson Combat – A Conversation on ARs with Bill Wilson

We recently sat down with Bill Wilson, founder of Wilson Combat, about his company’s history with the AR platform. While perhaps best known for handguns, Wilson Combat is also known for its high-quality, duty-grade rifles in a wide variety of calibers.

Rubber City Armory Blacknitride+ Bolt Carrier Groups – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A

We recently sat down with Jeff Larson, director of operations at Rubber City Armory, to discuss his company’s Blacknitride+ bolt carrier groups. Purchasing a quality bolt carrier group is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you have a reliable firearm. With many of our go-to bolt carrier groups hard to come by, we recently purchased a Rubber City Armory bolt carrier group for a build and were very impressed with its quality and its glasslike black nitride finish.

APOC Armory – Cold Hammer Forged Barrels on a Budget?

From time to time, we like to reach out to different firearms manufacturers to hear first-hand what they’re all about. Earlier this week, we were able to speak with Travis Hamlin of APOC Armory about his company and its line of cold hammer forged barrels for the AR platform.

Best AR-15 Barrel – What to Look For

What is the best AR-15 barrel for your next build? The answer is that it depends on what you want to do with your rifle. Guest author/gunsmith Todd Gimian gives ARBuildJunkie readers an overview of what to look for in a barrel, as well as a few brands to consider as you research what is right for you.

Triggrcon 2019 – Criterion Barrels for the AR-15

What goes into a quality AR barrel? What features should you consider for your next barrel for your AR-15? Michael Ross of Criterion Barrels gives us an overview of barrels for the AR platform…what to look for, and why he believes Criterion Barrels offer something unique to the industry. Michael also explains why builders should … Read more

AR-15 Feed Ramp Problems – School of the American Rifle

We recently reached out to Chad Albrecht at School of the American Rifle to discuss AR-15 feed ramp problems. Issues with feed ramps can be more common than many builders think, especially when you’re perhaps mixing and matching parts from different manufacturers.

Centurion Arms – Hammer Forged Barrels and Gas Blocks

We recently touched base with Monty LeClair of Centurion Arms to see what was new since we last spoke to him about his experiences with the MK12. In this article, we discuss Monty’s recent push to take production in-house, what he feels makes his cold hammer forged barrels superior to many others on the market, and why he feels many simply use “cold hammer forged” as a marketing term.

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