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Sons of Liberty Gun Works – Interview with Mike Mihalski

Since we began interviewing the best and brightest in our industry, we’ve had several requests to do an in-depth profile on Sons of Liberty Gun Works. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the firearms they’re producing…customizable high-quality, “bet-your-life” rifles at fairly reasonable cost. To learn more about the company and some of their recent offerings, we reached out to Mike Mihalski, owner of Sons of Liberty Gun Works.

Chris Costa on 300 Blackout & Why Distance Matters

In the final part of our conversation with Chris Costa, we asked him his opinion of 300 Blackout. We get his opinion on preferred ammo and a somewhat surprising answer on his preferred barrel length for the caliber. Chris also talks about 300 Blackout vs. 5.56…and why distance in a gunfight matters.

Strike Industries – SHOT Show 2019

strike industries

We checked in with Josh Reed at the Strike Industries booth at SHOT Show to check out what’s new for 2019. He showed off a wide variety of items, including Glock mags, a new suppressor, an upper with interchangeable barrels, new muzzle devices, hand stop kits, QD hand guards and more…

Is 12.5″ the Ideal Barrel Length for your AR Build?

BCM Standard 12.5" Upper Receiver Group with Daniel Defense Lite III(DDM4) 9" Handguard has a new feature up on their website praising the 12.5″ barrel length for the AR-15.  The article and corresponding video make a case for the 12.5″ rifle with a carbine length gas system in 5.56 based on a few key factors. When I explored building my first SBR in 5.56, I ended up … Read more

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