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“A Day in the Arena” Semi-Auto Precision Match Recap

This past weekend, a very special semi-auto precision rifle match was held in Blakely, Georgia. This first ever “A Day in the Arena” gas gun match, presented by Ash Hess and Jack Leuba allowed both novices and pros to join together enjoy a beautiful day on an approachable yet challenging course of fire…all to share their collective love for ARs and precision shooting.

Magpul – SHOT Show 2019

magpul drum

With Magpul celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2019, we were excited to visit the Magpul booth and take a look at what was new. Of everything we saw, the new .308 drum mag was our favorite…and the new bipod also looked quite nice in person. We get a tour of both new Magpul products in this video.

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