SIG P365: Redefining Concealed Carry Excellence

While this page focuses on the AR-15, we receive an unexpectedly high number of inquiries about one handgun in particular: the Sig P365. Its naming convention seems to openly suggest a pistol designed for comfortable carry every single day of the year – a bold claim upon its launch that time has proven Sig Sauer correct on. It’s a handgun that meets our personal capacity and caliber requirements with confidence.

Is the Sig 365 the perfect handgun for every scenario? We tend to think not. That said, its a very, very good one for concealed carry. The concealability, price, and reliability make it an obvious choice.

Crafted as a compact, lightweight firearm with ample round capacity, the P365 holds appeal for its capacity and concealability. While it may not be the primary choice for extensive range sessions, its practicality as a utility gun shines through. It offers satisfactory shooting performance, coupled with a size that lends itself to ease of concealment – qualities that resonate with many carriers.

Sig P365 BXR 3.1″ Micro-Compact 9mm Optic Ready Pistol

Prices accurate at time of writing

The way we look at it, what’s there not to love, really? Simply put, Sig Sauer made a compact, lightweight gun that holds a bunch of rounds, with a grip that’s not too big, making it easy to conceal, and the gun shoots great. Is it the gun you’ll shoot a thousand rounds through at the range? Maybe, maybe not. That said, it’s the gun I am generally going to use.

As with any major firearm purchase, you do need to remember that what works for one person may not work for another. This is most certainly the case with a compact handgun like the P365. With a handgun this small, we really do think you need to get one in your hand to see how it feels prior to purchasing. That said, for us, the gun fits perfectly (especially when using extended mags) and has become the answer to what we have been looking for for a long time to replace an older Glock 26.

Why Sig P365?

In the realm of concealed carry handguns, the search for the perfect balance between capacity, concealability, and shootability often feels like a quest for the Holy Grail. Enter the polymer-framed, striker fired SIG SAUER P365 – a revolutionary striker-fired 9mm pistol that shatters the boundaries of conventional wisdom and sets a new standard for excellence in concealed carry.

Enough time has passed that we can confidently recommend it. That said, the original P365 has now been joined by several new models, and the original one has a bit more snap to it. It would be worth your time to explore your actual size requirements. Many today swear by their P365 XL, and it would be worth your time to see if that’s a closer match for your individual needs. There are newer models like the Sig P365 XL and the Sig P365 X Macro, but the original Sig P365 is still a popular, capable gun, and the one we prefer for do-it-all everyday carry.

Reliability Issues Put to Bed?

Reliability is a crucial factor when selecting a handgun, and the SIG P365 delivers. The reliability concerns (trigger springs, barrel peening, striker drag) stemmed from a very small portion of units in the initial release, which were thankfully addressed around years ago. This is why the P365 remains one of, if not the most, popular choices for concealed carry weapons on the market.

While some early adopters had frustrations with their P365s, today, it has a reputation for being a dependable firearm that can withstand the rigors of daily carry and regular use at the range. The P365’s striker-fired system is both simple and reliable, making it an excellent choice for first-time handgun owners.

Reports of trigger return spring failures to pop up from time to time, usually seeming to occur after several thousand rounds. If this is a concern, we’d encourage you do to a bit more research on this issue and see if you think it’s a valid concern. In our opinion, its something to note, but not an issue that would prevent us from purchasing or carrying. Remember, that anything mechanical can and will fail after time.

Finally, when it comes to reliability, with any gun you are going to use for personal protection, you will want to make sure you are maintaining it properly and put a few hundred rounds through it, as well as shooting the actual defensive ammo you plan on using to ensure that it functions correctly.

SIG Sauer 365 9mm Ammo 115 Grain Elite V-Crown JHP Ammo

Prices accurate at time of writing

Word of Warning – A Sig P365 to Avoid?

One word of warning is worth mentioning here. We would strongly reccommned avoiding the Sig P365 SAS version. We are not a fan of its snag-free design or its sights, which appear to be more of a gimmick than an actual problem solver. The issue is that for the newer shooter, the sights on the SAS version seem cool and desireable. We strongly disagree and would advise you to really research before buying this inferior version of the Sig P365.

Sig P365 SAS
We’d strongly recommend against this version of the P365, called the P365 SAS. We’re convinced it makes an excellent gun worse, with smaller controls and gimmick sights, all there to fight the almost non-existent issue of “snagging.”

Sig P365 Magazine and Size

At first glance, the original P365 may appear unassuming, but make no mistake – this micro-compact powerhouse packs a serious punch. Its patent-pending, narrow-neck, modified double-stack magazine is the crown jewel of its design, boasting an impressive 10-round capacity in both flush-fit and extended versions, with an additional round in the chamber. This brings the total capacity to an astonishing 11 rounds – a nearly 50 percent increase over its competitors. And for those who demand even more firepower, an optional 12-round extended magazine transforms this micro-compact pistol into a full-size powerhouse with a capacity of 13 rounds, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead – 365 days a year.

Despite its small size, the SIG P365 boasts an impressive magazine capacity. With the standard magazine, you can carry 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition. At its time of release, this was a significant advantage over other compact handguns, which often had lower capacities. For those who desire even more firepower, extended magazines are available that can hold up to 12 rounds.

But the P365’s appeal goes far beyond its capacity. Despite its generous firepower, this pistol was smaller and lighter than most others in its class. That said, as of 2023, more and more manufacturers are catching up, with the Sig 365 being a true trendsetter, With dimensions measuring just 1-inch wide, 5.8-inches long, and 4.3-inches tall, and a weight of only 17.8 ounces with an empty magazine, the P365 is still perfectly suited for everyday carry, ensuring you’re always prepared, yet never weighed down.

Why is the pistol so small? The Sig 365 was built from the ground up around a proprietary magazine for maximum concealability, capacity and shootability. Its design and and size is what allowed for the Sig P365 to be very short, but still carry a surprisingly large amount of ammunition. In the years since its release, this magazine design has become more and more common in compact pistols.

Sig 365 Ergonomic Considerations

The SIG P365 was designed with ergonomics in mind. Its grip is comfortable and easy to hold, even for individuals with smaller hands. The textured grip ensures a secure hold, and the trigger is smooth and consistent, allowing for accurate shooting.

Its unique short grip design and higher grip to bore axis work together to minimize perceived recoil, making shooting the P365 as comfortable as many mid-sized pistols. Crafted from fully-textured polymer, the grip provides a secure hold, while the slim-line rail accommodates SIG light or laser accessories, allowing for customization to suit individual preferences.

The stainless-steel slide of the P365 is equipped with front and rear serrations, facilitating easier slide manipulation for quicker reloads and malfunction clearing. Additionally, SIGLITE® night sights adorn the slide, ensuring rapid sight acquisition under all lighting conditions, giving shooters the confidence they need to excel in any situation.

As far as cons? We have found that inserting a magazine into the well may cause pinching of the skin, necessitating an adjustment in grip. Furthermore, with 12-round magazines, a very firm press can be required to snugly fit them into the pistol.

Another con is again, whether or not the gun will acutally fit in your hand. Depending on the feel, you might end up considering a different pistol or a different configuation of the P365 lineup. There’s almost no way to know unless you can actually get to the range and put one in your hand.

Finally, some shooters find the trigger on the Sig P365 to feel a bit “different” in a way that is not favorable. While this may not be a big deal for you, the trigger on the P365 has been described as having more of a dull, thump/thud feel than a more familiar snap.

Sig P365
The P365 has been a success and new and improved versions are always being released. This is a new, top-of-the-line P365 AXG LEGION.

Sig P365 Conclusion

In conclusion, the SIG SAUER P365 is more than just a handgun – it’s an actual, proven game-changer that altered the handgun market. With its unmatched capacity, compact dimensions, superior shootability, and ergonomic design, the P365 offers a compelling solution for anyone in the market for a concealed carry firearm.

Looking at the total package you get, the Sig P365 trigger is quite impressive, and I wouldn’t alter it much, if at all, aside from dedicating more time to training with it. It’s easy to grip, and my pinky doesn’t dangle off uncomfortably. The factory sights are robust and reliable, surpassing those of most other factory guns. Overall, these factors combine to deliver great accuracy, not just for a subcompact model, but across the board.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter seeking the ultimate in performance or a newcomer looking for a reliable everyday carry option, the P365 delivers on every front. It’s not the best at everything, but as a jack-of-all trades with a focus on discreet carry, its most certainly a winner. If you’re looking for a companion piece for your new AR, you can’t go wrong with the Sig P365 or any of its newer variants. That said, if you find that the P365 is not for you, understand that due to its powerful influence, you might just find a gun inspired by it that is perfect for you and your exact needs needs.


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