Strike Industries – Triggercon 2018 Video Overview

Strike Industries New Products

This recent video from Mil-Spec Monkey at Triggercon 2018 shows Steven from Strike Industries detailing their latest and greatest accessories. Items highlighted include the version 3SI Sidewinder BUIS offset sights, an improved extended castle nut and end plate, a 3 piece hand stop kit, new pistol grips in 15, 20 and 25-degree angles, a new … Read more

AR-15 or AR-10? A Build Junkie’s Conundrum

When it comes to ARs, the amount of choices are overwhelming.  Rail systems, uppers receivers, lower receivers, bolt carriers, charging handles, triggers, barrel lengths, piston vs. DI, even different colors and finishes. But even more basic than these choices is the question we hear most often: “Do I build an AR-15 or go with an AR-10?” 

RISE Armament Triggers Overview

Photo of Rise Armament RA-140, RA-434, LE145 and RA-535

We were lucky to sit down with the recent winner of the 2018 Vortex Extreme Invitational: Garrett Grover, who is also a Product Specialist for RISE Armament, to talk about the company, and to gather insight on their lineup of exceptional triggers.

Fortis Launches New Castle Nut & End Plate System

Fortis is launching their new Lightweight Enhanced (LE™) Castle Nut & End Plate System at the end of August. Fortis explains:  “We came up with two systems that virtually eliminates the risk of your castle nut ever backing out. With our two lockdown systems (K1 & K2), we’ve engineered a solution to install the castle … Read more

New Suppressed Upper Receiver Group from SIG

Soldier Systems recently published the first photograph of the SURG in the wild. SURG is short for Suppressed Upper Receiver Group. Sig Sauer was recently tapped to provide the upper for USSCOM.

Cerakote Torture Test

More and more, we’re seeing Cerakote’d ARs. In a nutshell, what Cerakote™ is is a cool looking finish and a protective coating, all in one. When done right, the finished product is amazingly durable and gorgeous to look at.

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