SHOT Show 2020 – Brownells Retro Rifles and the BRN-180

Roy Hill from Brownells give us an overview of the Brownells Retro line of ARs. For more on the topic, be sure to read our feature interview with Roy.

Brownells Retro Rifle Model: BRN-605® Rifle 5.56mm – $919.99


Brownells Retro Rifle Model: BRN-10A Rifle .308 – $1,069.90


Brownells Retro Rifle Model: BRN-10B Rifle .308 – $1,069.90

Brownells Retro Rifle – BRN-601

Brownells Retro Rifle Model: BRN-601® Rifle 5.56mm – $999.99


Brownells Retro Rifle Model: XBRN16E1® Rifle 5.56mm – $1099.99


Brownells Model: BRN-16A1® Rifle 5.56mm – $1099.99


Brownells Retro Rifle Model: XBRN177E2® Rifle 5.56mm – $1099.99

BRN Proto

Brownells Retro Rifle Model: BRN-PROTO® Rifle 5.56mm – $999.99


Brownells Retro Rifle Model: BRN-605® Rifle 5.56mm – $919.99


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