B5 Systems – Enhanced SOPMOD & Bravo Overview

For my shooting style, I am a still a huge fan of the Enhanced SOPMOD stock. A brief look around the industry tells me I’m not alone in my preference. To learn a bit more about the B5 Systems version of the SOPMOD stock, and the Bravo SOPMOD, we spoke with Mark Keller, Vice President at B5 Systems.

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Forward Controls Design – Simple Function Over Form

For Roger Wang at Forward Controls Design, the small things aren’t small…in fact, they’re everything. As a maker of high quality AR parts and accessories, Forward Controls Design is consistently putting out a wide variety high-quality AR parts. We recently sat down with Roger Wang learn more about the company and some of the small, well-thought out small parts he is producing.

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Warrior Poet Society – Mindset with John Lovell

We recently spoke with John Lovell about the important conversations that he’s having over at Warrior Poet Society. While we all love ARs, there is most certainly a mindset side that we should not ignore, especially since so many of us have chosen these firearms as a means to protect our homes and families from harm.

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    Shares Re-Launches

With more and more firearms-focused Facebook pages being deleted without warning daily, one of the largest AR-focused pages (76,000+ members) AR15 Builders Forum has announced a re-launch to ensure the the AR Build community it has grown does not vanish due to the whims of some faceless, anti-2A Facebook employee.

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