F4 Defense – AR Rifle and Part Manufacturer

F4 Defense is a name we’ve heard repeatedly from builders and AR enthusiasts when it comes to higher-end rifles and parts. Not being overly familiar with the company, I reached out to the F4 Defense COO, Dave Fairfax, to discuss the company and how it is attempting to stand out in the crowded AR marketplace.

AR-15 Precision Long Range Shooting Basics

AR-15 Precision Long Range Shooting? We reached out to the man who literally wrote the book on the subject, former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner. His book, is an Amazon #1 bestseller and widely considered the go-to document on the topic.

3-Gun Ready AR-15 Builds with Bruce Piatt

Where do we turn when our readers want to learn about 3-Gun Ready AR-15 Builds? All roads lead back to World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt. Few have lived with the AR professionally for as long or as intensively as he has.

Home Defense Carbine – A Discussion with John Paul

What features should a home defense carbine build have?  When we recently sat down with John Paul of JP Enterprises, Inc., we were keen to get his opinion on the topic. In case you missed the first part of our interview, you can view it here. Q:  John, a lot of builders are looking to … Read more

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