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Help support AR15Discounts.com, the sponsor who allows us to do what we do at ARBuildJunkie.com. Enter today for a chance to win. Win a Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion, Dirty Bird Enhanced RECCE ODG Anodized AR-15 outfitted with a Vortex RZR 1-10 Scope, a case of 9mm and .223 ammo, a Savior Equipment Guitar Rifle Case & more! This contest, sponsored by AR15Discounts.com is their biggest giveaway ever, and has a retail value of just under $7000.

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5 months ago

Sweet music

Gregory Tofte
5 months ago

I really hope I win that rifle

4 months ago


Christopher Trastoy
4 months ago

My Bday is on March 31st!

4 months ago

Its good to know the ability & usage of the diferent calibers

4 months ago

First time seeing that guitar case, pretty nice.. ain’t gonna lie. Now I have a mission

4 months ago


Juan Viteri
3 months ago

Excellent organization could be prouder

Ted Dorset
3 months ago

Let’s goooo!!

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