LAW Tactical Releases Details for ARIC Bolt Carrier

A few years back in a dark hotel room in Las Vegas, we got a sneak peak of something very cool from LAW Tactical…a bolt carrier that allowed an AR equipped with a LAW tactical folder to fire with it in the folded position. In the years since we’ve seen brief peaks but nothing concrete…until yesterday. We knew that the wait would eventually be worth it, and now LAW Tactical has released new details about the ARIC (AR Internal Carrier).

VIA LAW Tactical:


(Estimated release date mid-November 2022)

No Pre-Orders

The Law Tactical ARIC (AR Internal Carrier) is a drop in conversion for AR15-type direct impingement firearms that replaces the traditional Bolt Carrier Group, Recoil Spring and Buffer. Firearms equipped with ARIC and Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapters can be fired repeatedly in both the folded and unfolded position, expanding the mission profile of the AR15.

Once installed, ARIC does not require any tools for removal, reinstallation, cleaning, maintenance or conversion. Each component can be field stripped, inspected or replaced without tools. Maintaining the simplicity and efficiency of the AR system.

ARs can be converted between ARIC and standard BCGs and recoil components without tools, maintaining compatibility with standard AR15 components, enhancing the ARs capabilities while maintaining interoperability.


1. Which ARIC model should I purchase C or M?
“C” carrier is designed for Unsuppressed usage with .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO and should not be fired Suppressed.

“M” carrier is designed for Suppressed usage with 5.56mm NATO and .223 Remington or unsuppressed usage with 5.56mm NATO.

2. Which ARIC should be used with an Adjustable Gas Block?
ARIC selection is based on standard gas ports. It may be possible for adjustable gas blocks with multiple settings to run the “C” Carrier suppressed and or unsurpassed by adjusting the setting. Due to the variety of adjustable gas blocks on the market, Law Tactical cannot provide specific recommendations.

3. Can I use a Picatinny Adapter or other parts to eliminate the need for a buffer tube?
Law Tactical has developed Picatinny and other adapters for future release. ARIC was developed as a drop in component for Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapters to maintain full backwards compatibility with standard bolt carrier groups and recoil systems. Removal of the buffer tube removes backwards compatibility. Potential changes to AR pistol rules may make it advantageous to maintain backwards compatibility, as it provides a functional reason for a buffer tube and other accessories to be attached to an AR pistol.

How is the ARIC backward compatible:

Firearms with the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter and the ARIC, can be swapped between the ARIC and standard bolt carrier groups, and recoils system with out the use of tool.

4. Is ARIC compatible with .300 BlackOut?
Many 300 Blackout firearms will function properly with both “M” or “C” Carriers. However, due to lack of standardization, the “M” Carrier may not reliably function with some subsonic ammunition in certain configurations of barrels, gas ports, and suppressors.

5. Is ARIC compatible with Alternate Bolts/Calibers?
The use of alternate bolts/calibers is not recommended and would still require use of the LT Cam Pin, One Piece Gas Ring and LT Firing Pin Retaining Pin for operation.

6. What Triggers/Fire Controls are compatible with ARIC?
Law Tactical recommends high-quality triggers and has tested USGI and Match Triggers:

• Recommended: USGI, Geissele, KAC, Larue, LMT.

• Not recommended: Colt “cut/notched” semiautomatic hammers due to known function issues with standard BCGs, Binary/Forced-reset or other similar style triggers.

7. Can I use ARIC in a Piston Gun (OP-Rod Gas Piton Operated Firearms)?
Law Tactical has developed Gas Piston compatible ARICs, however, each Piston Manufacturer uses a proprietary design. As such each Piston Firearm Requirers its own modifications. ARIC is currently for Direct Impingement gas systems only.

8. Can I use ARIC in a 9mm Blowback System?
ARIC is not compatible with 9mm or other Blowback systems.

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