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Best AR Cartridges and Calibers – What to Use and When

One of the biggest draws of the AR platform is its ability to be customized to the end user’s preferences.  The ability to use a variety of calibers in one platform is part of the appeal, as each has different strengths and weaknesses, allowing the user to pick and choose what is best for them … Read more

8.6 Blackout – A 2021 Update with Q’s Kevin Brittingham

We recently sat down with Q’s Kevin Brittingham to get an update on the highly anticipated launch of 300 Blackout’s “bigger brother” – the 8.6 Blackout. Our last update on the round was in February 2020, just before the pandemic. While we recently released the full audio of the conversation, we wanted to pull the highlights of that recording as it pertains specifically to 8.6 Blackout, and where it stands as we enter the summer of 2021.

Ammo Shortage Update Via The Reload

If you’re looking for real firearms journalism, be sure to head over to Steven Gutowski’s No one is doing better, more in-depth original reporting right now on the firearms industry. Well worth subscribing if you’re into that kind of thing… We’re asked quite often how long we can expect the current ammo shortage we’re … Read more

Hodge Defense Systems – A 2021 Update with Jim Hodge

We recently sat down with Jim Hodge of Hodge Defense Systems to discuss the recent launch of the new Spine Lock (S-Lock) Rail System, the company’s plans for the year ahead, his take on the brand’s growing popularity, and why we should consider being kinder to each other online as we discuss our favorite firearms.

Magpul Launches 20-Round 300 Blackout PMAGs

As a fan of 300 Blackout, specifically the 110-grain Barnes Blacktip, I’ve been waiting on just this product for a while now, appreciating the smaller footprint of an SBR fitted with a 20-round mag. I’m looking forward to grabbing a dozen or so, as I have been very happy with Magpul’s 30-round 300 Blackout specific offering.

Q’s Kevin Brittingham Update on 8.6 Blackout

Kevin Brittingham of Q LLC recently sat down for an interview with SilencerShop about the 8.6 Blackout.  We’ve been following this cartridge’s progress closely, but this recent video provides anyone interested with a great status update.   As far as basics, 8.6 has been described as 300 Blackout’s bigger brother. An easy way to visualize … Read more

AR-15 Magazine Basics – Performance Overview with Duane Liptak of Magpul

There’s a lot more to an AR-15 magazine than it just being a box with a spring. Author Duane Liptak of Magpul gives an overview of the factors involved in making a good, reliable magazine. Learn the how, and the why behind Magpul’s magazine design, and use the information to inform your decisions around magazine selection, whatever you choose to purchase.

ATF Declares Q Honey Badger Pistol a “Short Barreled Rifle”

In a very concerning development this afternoon, we’ve just learned that the ATF has taken the position that the Q Honey Badger Pistol is, in fact, a short-barreled rifle. This means that in ATF’s view, Q’s “Honey Badger” pistol with stabilizing brace is now subject to the National Firearms Act (“NFA”). The stabilizing brace featured … Read more

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