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Q Sugar Weasel – A Q&A with Kevin Brittingham

With the recent launch of the Q Sugar Weasel, we thought it was a great time to again reach out to Kevin Brittingham for an update on that firearm, the new Q Side Chick chassis for the Remington 700, and an update on the status of the upcoming 8.6 Creedmoor.

M16 in Vietnam – An Interview with Chris Bartocci

To learn “what happened to the M16 in Vietnam,” it’s hard to think of someone better to ask than Chris Bartocci at Small Arms Solutions. Frankly, there are few active in the industry that know more about the M16 and its history than Chris, who has been intimately involved with the platform for almost his entire life.

Beginner’s Precision Rifle Shooting with Adam Pini

Shooting ARs in competitive setting is a tremendous amount of fun. Requiring just a basic build and some gear, there’s little excuse for not getting off the couch and giving it go. For some motivation, we spoke with industry vet Adam Pini about his ongoing pursuit of excellence in the hobby and why it’s easier than you think to get involved.

“A Day in the Arena” Semi-Auto Precision Match Recap

This past weekend, a very special semi-auto precision rifle match was held in Blakely, Georgia. This first ever “A Day in the Arena” gas gun match, presented by Ash Hess and Jack Leuba allowed both novices and pros to join together enjoy a beautiful day on an approachable yet challenging course of fire…all to share their collective love for ARs and precision shooting.

Cavity Back Bullets – Next Level AR Performance

A projectile getting a major buzz in professional hunting circles for 300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel and more is a supremely lethal copper bullet called the “Cavity Back.” Due to its unique design, these bullets are hitting harder, faster and with more accuracy than almost anything else currently on the market. To learn more about the bullet’s unique design, we reached out to the inventor, Robert DeBell.

Daniel Shaw on ARs & Leaving Your Comfort Zone

We recently sat down with Daniel Shaw to discuss his time in the Marine Corps, his feelings on the AR-15, as well as the obvious, and sometimes not so obvious, benefits of firearms training.

Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical on SWAT & ARs

We recently reached out to Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical to discuss how his training company started, common misconceptions about SWAT, the transition he saw with the MP5 to the AR-15, and some of his current favorite ARs.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works – Interview with Mike Mihalski

Since we began interviewing the best and brightest in our industry, we’ve had several requests to do an in-depth profile on Sons of Liberty Gun Works. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the firearms they’re producing…customizable high-quality, “bet-your-life” rifles at fairly reasonable cost. To learn more about the company and some of their recent offerings, we reached out to Mike Mihalski, owner of Sons of Liberty Gun Works.

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