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Caracal CAR816 A2 – An Improved H&K 416?

So, just what is the Caracal CAR816 A2? It’s something we had mentioned to us several times after our recent article on the H&K 416. To learn more about it, we reached out to Jeff Spalding, Caracal USA’s president.

Weapons Light for Your AR-15 with Kyle Lamb

Weapons light for your AR-15? For being something widely agreed on as a vital component of a defensive carbine build, it’s something that is easy to ignore. For a reminder and perhaps a wakeup call, we touched base with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics to tell us why having a weapons light for your AR-15 is a smart idea.

5.56 vs. 7.62 with Chuck Pressburg

In the third and final part of our recent conversation with Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Consulting, we discuss 5.56 vs. 7.62. What advantage are we really gaining when we use a 7.62 x 51/.308? AR-10?

H&K 416 – Chuck Pressburg’s Perspective

We’re hearing more and more questions about the H&K 416 lately. Specifically, “Is it worthwhile to try to build (from recently released parts kits) or buy a piston-driven H&K 416 or MR556?” To learn a bit more, we recently spoke with Chuck Pressburg about his experiences with the platform.

Red Dot Optic vs. Scope on an AR-15 with Kyle Defoor

Red dot optic vs. scope on your AR-15…which is best? We recently sat down with former Special Mission Unit combat decorated Navy SEAL and sniper, Kyle Defoor to discuss the benefits of a low powered variable optic (LPVO) over a red dot.

Chuck Pressburg on Consulting and the AR-15

Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Consulting is one of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced voices, having served the United States Army for over two decades in a variety of roles, both in operations and in acquisitions. We wanted to learn more about his very unique skillset, his views on trends surrounding the firearms industry, and his feelings on the AR-15 after living with it for so many years…

John Johnston of Ballistic Radio on Trends and Training was recently fortunate enough to sit down with John Johnston of Ballistic Radio for a wide-ranging, eye-opening interview, where he discusses industry trends, thoughts on training, the real meaning of ‘tacticool’, his love of shotguns, AR’s for home defense and much more.

Aero Precision ATLAS Handguard Overview

We recently touched base with Eli Koransky from Aero Precision to get the basics about their Atlas line of handguards, and how it differs from their Enhanced handguard.

Competition AR-15 Basics with Josh Froelich

We sit down with champion 3-gunner Josh Froelich to discuss competition AR-15 basics, including build types, triggers, optics, handguards, and the maintenance schedule needed to keep the gun running and reliable.

Kevin Brittingham of Q – On Innovation and Practicality

ARBuildJunkie recently sat down with Q CEO Kevin Brittingham, one of the industry’s preeminent trendsetters. Bottom line, if you want a view on where the industry is going, you’re going to want to take a hard look at what Q is bringing to market.

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