Chuck Pressburg Talks Downloading AR-15 Magazines

Should you download AR-15 magazines to 27, 28, 29…or is it even necessary?  It’s a topic we’ve seen discussed a lot this week, and earlier today, one of our absolute favorite experts has recently weighed in via video on the topic of downloading AR-15 magazines and AR magazine spring tension.

Chuck Pressburg has just released the entire video on the topic on his YouTube Channel, which you can now view in its entirety here.

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ARBuildJunkie recently conducted an interview with Chuck Pressburg about the many things he has been up to in the past few months, and why 2020 promises to be an eventful year… Look for the full interview with Chuck next week. We talk about his amazing Patreon channel, his new website, and his recent work with Sons of Liberty Gun Works.

Downloading AR-15 Magazines with Chuck Pressburg
Chuck Pressburg

During that conversation, the topic of AR magazine capacity and the debate on downloading magazines was mentioned.  Here’s what he had to say on the topic and the most recent video you can watch above:

Q:  Chuck, we know you have a video on the topic coming up today, can you give us a bit of information on why you’re creating that, and what we can expect to see?

Chuck Pressburg, Presscheck Consulting:  The video on AR magazine spring tension is not a poke in anyone’s eye. The simple fact is, if you’re doing a reload under stress, and it’s a bolt-closed reload, and if you push, and fail to pull after you push and feel that tactile click, then there is a chance that when you fire your weapon, the magazine is going to fall out because the magazine catch was not actually locked into the mag, and it was being held in there by dirt, grit, carbon, swollen mag, or whatever.

People who are downloading AR-15 magazines are doing so to ensure that there is enough compression in the spring left to push the top round down when it makes contact with the bottom of the bolt carrier, to ensure a positive lockup of the magazine and the weapon system. 

Downloading AR-15 Magazines

Downloading AR-15 Magazines – Caught Up in Numbers

Chuck Pressburg, Presscheck Consulting:  That is the intent. People are getting wrapped around the numbers though.   People will determine that “Well, in order to get that intent, that means I need to download to 28.”  To the person thinking that, I would tell them, not necessarily.

There is a significant amount of variance from magazine manufacturer to magazine manufacturer…the type of follower, the type of floor plate…all of that factors into the equation. So, I am not making a video on the topic to discount something that another instructor or another influencer puts out there.  Instead, I am putting out a bunch of data at people, and saying “What is your magazine going to do?  Have you tried it?  Have you actually loaded every different type of magazine that you have in your arsenal of range supplies and seen what AR magazines most efficiently lock in?  Have you done it with multiple AR platforms to see if there is any variance in magazine well dimensions or other design features that could create variance?”

So, this video is about showing that variances exist, and encouraging the end user to actually go out and think for themselves, and not just go out and adopt some  arbitrary number that an influencer said, because they really, really like that guy.


Be sure to follow Chuck Pressburg’s YouTube page and strongly consider following his work over on the Presscheck Consulting Patreon page.  For perhaps the price of a cup of coffee per month, you’re getting access to an amazingly intelligent and unique voice.

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And again, look for our most recent interview with him in the days ahead.

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