Website Launch Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of we’re doing a massive giveaway with prizes sponsored by Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, Dirty Bird Industries, Strike Industries and Rise Armament.  Enter for a chance to win a custom rifle kit worth over $1,000.  A winner will be selected and notified via email on Friday, November 23th.  If there is no response, that person will be disqualifed and a new winner will be selected on Friday, November 30th.

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Full parts list:

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I want to win but I don’t do social media!


YES I want to win


Yes, I would like to win, as well!


I would love to win. Thanks for the giveaways


Yes please i need these

My wife and kids would love to build this

Shane L. Combs

Please enter me


I’m considering what to build next. Working on a .458 socom. Having difficulty finding bullet moulds for 458. I’m trying to work up a subsonic rig that will still have some reach.


The .224 Val looks promising.

Phil in TX

Check Lyman Products for those molds.

Phil in TX

t dunn

i really like to win California needs more responsible ar15 owners

danny davies

i will win

Nick Pappas

I’m in…


Yes please

Bill Winfrey

The 224 Valkyrie is on my bucket list, so yes…enter me to win!

Sweet giveaway, thanks!

Ronald Farthing

I’m in!

John Pleier

Would love to add an AR to my gun selection.

Bruce W Dunn

Build now

Love to win it !

Bruce W Dunn

I built an ar 15 the lower areo precision and upper is a ballistic advantage in the 223/556 wylde and trigger is a cmc. Great little build all thanks to ar15discont so get out build one you never know when the government will take that right away!

Alfred Rice

I do not use social media , but, ILike to enter things!


i want to win!!

Anthony p

I want to win more then everyone

Guest 2

I also want to win but I also don’t do social media.

Jack Lalley

If I am Lucky it looks another AR Rifle Build……..

landrum phillips

This looks like it just might operate hater you put it together I can’t wait to see when I win

Terrence Lee Iverson

Thanks AR15 Discount


how fun would this build be?

Jim Fabanich

looks pretty cool!

David Walker

I’m in!


Looking to do my first build. Love to get started this way.


Starting my first build. Love to have this to get going.


COME ONE, COME ALL! If you are tired of an ordinary old 5.56/223 AR platform, REJOICE! Enter in this giveaway for a satisfying dose of .224 Valkyrie.

Scott White

Did them all. Be nice to actually win a contest.


I would love to win, but do not do social media do to my employers strick policies.

Steve Funderburk

I want to win!

Willard Steen

Real sweet looking package. Thanks for the chance to win.

Daniel T Cline

I like to learn


I’m 61…
…always thought it would be fun to BUILD MY OWN >first< AR!
My kids all have one.
: /

Terry Zaffuto

I loved to win but I don’t twitter and stuff

Terry Zaffuto

I love the ar platform. I am wanting to do a 6.5 build or at least do an upper to put on one of my lowers

Terry Zaffuto

I would love to win I want to do a 6.5 build or an upper to use on my lower


I want to win!!

glenn schantz

How do you enter, I don’t see anything clickable to enter? And hell yeah, this would be perfect for a 6.5 Grendel build I’ve been wanting to do but have not had the extra money to do it. Would just need the Grendel Barrel and some suitable mags and this Kit. Being disabled and retired and on a obama fixed income doesn’t help, lol. I hope that President Trump helps us folks on SS with a decent raise, didn’t get one for several years under king obama.


I’d like to win

Jack Lalley

You Bet Enter Me………

Aaron M Edwards

Done this would be alot of fun to build out!

Jamie Fowler

I want to win, because I never win anything, and I don’t do anything but the faces of the book.

Very nice, this could be great for my first build. I may have to buy a 300 barrel cause I haven’t made up my mine yet, but I could use a better .223/5.56 too! Good luck to all.

Bryant Fury

Only have Facebook, hopefully that’s enough


I entered

Anthony Bommarito

.224 Val for a yote dropper.

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