N-Vision Thermal Scopes – SHOT Show 2019

N-Vision Thermal Optics – SHOT Show 2019

I’ve been in the market for a thermal scope for a long time…but frankly, I’ve been holding off until the 50mm N-Vision HALO hit the market. I have some close acquaintances who have had some interesting customer service experiences with other brands, and I was not about to invest that much money in an optic only to watch it go on the fritz and not be covered.

Hunting and shooting is a hobby I’ll do for a lifetime…but beyond hogs, I can envision situations where being able to observe targets in adverse weather conditions and complete darkness would be huge advantage.

While the price tag of these things are high, I’m most certainly looking to buy….but only buy once.

What it looks like through the HALO…if you don’t like videos of hogs being shot with thermal scopes, this might not be the video for you.

After doing deep research on the topic, and chatting with professional hog eradicator and real-world optic expert Todd Huey of Lone Star Boars, it seems like N-Vision has a real winner on its hands with the HALO.

N-Vision HALO – Hard to Beat

About the HALO, Todd says:

“Overall? Man, I hate to say it because I love my Trijicons, but I’m thinking the N-Vision HALO-LR is going to replace my 60mm Trijicon as my favorite.  Just for my style of hunting, that combination of that really good 3.5x magnification and field of view of the HALO makes it hard to beat. 

I was out this weekend taking headshots on hogs at 200 yards with no issues.  I was able to start at hogs at 25 yards and shoot them all the way out to 300 or 400 yards before they made it up and over a hill, and I never felt like I didn’t have enough magnification.  It just seems to fit all the roles very nicely with the way they have it set up.  It just seems perfect.”

To go hands-on, we stopped by the N-Vision booth at SHOT Show and grabbed some video of the HALO. We also took a look at their ATLAS binocular. If you want more information, be sure to visit their website at https://nvisionoptics.com/

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