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VEIL Solutions and Sons of Liberty Gun Works Rifle Revealed

Christopher Woomer of VEIL Solutions has revealed a 13.7″ rifle he has been planning in conjunction with Sons of Liberty Gun Works. The gun looks fantastic at first glance, and should prove to be highly sought after hard-use rifle, much like Aaron Cowan’s SAGE Edition. We look forward to learning more about this rifle, as … Read more

AR-15 Triggers Explained – Which Trigger is Best for You?

In today’s market, there are an ever-increasing number of AR-15 triggers available to consumers. Not all triggers are created equal, so how does someone pick out what is going to be best for them? Todd Gimian discusses triggers and what you should consider before purchasing.

Precision Rifle Shooting Tips – Fundamentals for Success with Jeremy Tye

We expand beyond the basics to learn some more advanced tips for precision shooting, and what it takes to take your shooting to the next level. We discuss the importance of being able to factor for wind, proper shooting position, and how to best support your rifle while shooting, the correct way to use a tripod, and more.

Dave Wilson of D. Wilson Manufacturing on Building an AR-15, Common Mistakes, and More

Dave Wilson of D. Wilson Manufacturing is a true master of his craft, whether it be pin & welding, upper and lower assembly, shortening a barrel, custom modifications, and more. In this article, we sit down with Wilson to discuss building an AR-15, mistakes to avoid, when to seek help, quality control issues, his personal AR-based projects, and more.

Michael Green of Green Ops Talks AR-15 Training Courses

We recently sat down with Michael Green of Green Ops to discuss lessons learned at his AR-15 training courses, and how to train with your AR-15 at on the static range, or even at home. We also discuss how his experiences inform his choice of AR, and more.

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