Latest Handguards

Palmetto State Armory – SHOT Show 2019

We talk with Chad Wylie, CIO of Palmetto State Armory about what’s new for 2019. Chad highlights a pair of “competition-ready” custom series firearms in 5.56 and in 9mm, and details two new match grade billet receiver sets that PSA will be releasing this year.

Fortis Manufacturing – SHOT Show 2019

We talk new AR-15 accessories for 2019 with Paul of Fortis Manufacturing. We go over new items from Fortis, including new safety selectors, new endplates and castle nuts, a variety of new rails and more.

Aero Precision – SHOT Show 2019

We chat with Chad from Aero Precision about the new ATLAS series rails, Aero Precision’s new take on the .308 bolt carrier group, a new low-profile adjustable gas block, and a new muzzle device…all coming in 2019.

How to Build an AR-15 Upper Receiver

One of the most common questions we see is “how do I to build an AR-15 upper receiver?” To give you a step-by-step visual overview, we’ve put together this set of brief, easy-to-follow videos.

Aero Precision ATLAS Handguard Overview

We recently touched base with Eli Koransky from Aero Precision to get the basics about their Atlas line of handguards, and how it differs from their Enhanced handguard.

Competition AR-15 Basics with Josh Froelich

We sit down with champion 3-gunner Josh Froelich to discuss competition AR-15 basics, including build types, triggers, optics, handguards, and the maintenance schedule needed to keep the gun running and reliable.

Jerry Miculek AR-15 Overview

Very recently, ARBuildJunkie was able to sit down with Jerry Miculek and talk AR-15s…we discuss his history with the AR, handguards, triggers, ammunition choices and more.

AR-15 Basics with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics

ARBuildJunkie recently sat down with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics to discuss AR-15 basics and share advice for those looking to build a no-nonsense defensive carbine. We talked AR-15 basics -the do’s and don’ts, projects Viking Tactics is working on, and what Kyle sees for the future of the AR-15 platform.

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