Latest AR-10 / LR-308

New Larry Vickers Podcasts Cover the SR-25 & HK 416

A new podcast series by the Firearms Trainers Association has launched featuring Larry Vickers taking a deep and detailed dive into some of our favorite firearms. Of special interest were podcasts featuring the Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle and the  Knights Armament SR-25. In this episode, Larry takes a deep dive into the Heckler & … Read more

AR-15 Bipods and Mounts – A Q&A with Badger Ordnance

What is the purpose of a bipod, and should you run one on your AR? To get an answer to this common question, and go over some of the innovations Badger Ordnance has brought to the very popular Harris bipod, we reached out to Jordan Gerber, Badger Ordnance’s Military Programs Manager.

Dark Hour Defense – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A with Joel Allen

Joel Allen from V Seven knows what makes a top-tier company, as his past with Noveske, and his current work producing quality rifles at V Seven has proven. We recently sat down with Joel to discuss another of his companies that he takes great pride in, Dark Hour Defense. Even though it’s not yet a household name, Dark Hour Defense a company worth watching, producing high-quality, moderately cost AR components and more.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works Carbine Series – What to Expect

Sons of Liberty Gun Works and The Ranch TX have announced the Sons of Liberty Gun Works Carbine Series, being held November 7-8 in Eagle Lake, TX. The event is a 12-stage carbine match with stages going out to 600 yards and jungle runs. To learn more, we recently spoke with The Ranch TX President, Matthew Shockey.

Jesse James Firearms Unlimited – An AR Q&A

We recently sat down with renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer and television host Jesse James, owner and founder of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU), to discuss his unique vision of the AR platform and his custom-crafted creations.

V Seven Weapons Systems – Cure for the Common AR?

V Seven Weapons Systems is building high-quality, extremely lightweight ARs using a variety of uncommon materials including titanium, magnesium and lithium aluminum. In recent months we’ve heard a lot of good things about these rifles, so to learn more we reached to V Seven Weapons Systems owner and founder, Joel Allen.

Centurion Arms – Hammer Forged Barrels and Gas Blocks

We recently touched base with Monty LeClair of Centurion Arms to see what was new since we last spoke to him about his experiences with the MK12. In this article, we discuss Monty’s recent push to take production in-house, what he feels makes his cold hammer forged barrels superior to many others on the market, and why he feels many simply use “cold hammer forged” as a marketing term.

Law Tactical – The Story of the AR Folding Stock Adapter

In an industry obsessed with innovation, one company delivering one of the most ground-breaking products in the past decade has been Law Tactical. Their Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter has changed the form factor of the AR, allowing it to go places and do things that were previously impossible. To learn more about Law Tactical, their adapter and what’s next , we reached out to the company and its founder…

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