Latest AR-10 / LR-308

“A Day in the Arena” Semi-Auto Precision Match Recap

This past weekend, a very special semi-auto precision rifle match was held in Blakely, Georgia. This first ever “A Day in the Arena” gas gun match, presented by Ash Hess and Jack Leuba allowed both novices and pros to join together enjoy a beautiful day on an approachable yet challenging course of fire…all to share their collective love for ARs and precision shooting.

Aero Precision – SHOT Show 2019

We chat with Chad from Aero Precision about the new ATLAS series rails, Aero Precision’s new take on the .308 bolt carrier group, a new low-profile adjustable gas block, and a new muzzle device…all coming in 2019.

Colt Carbines – SHOT Show 2019

We get an overview of Colt’s lineup of ARs that were shown off at SHOT Show 2019. We take a look at the M4 Carbine, M4A1 SOCOM, M16A1 Retro Reissue, XM177 Reissue, M4 Carbine EPR, and the CM7/CM65 Carbines.

Frank DeSomma of Patriot Ordinance Factory – SHOT Show 2019

Frank DiSomma of Patriot Ordinance Factory (POF-USA) talks about his belief that the direct impingement Revolution DI in .308 is “the ultimate fighting machine.” It weights 6.8 lbs. with a rifle length gas system. He also discusses the development process of this firearm…

Barrett REC10 – SHOT Show 2019

We were very eager to visit the Barrett booth at SHOT Show 2019 to go hands-on with the Barrett REC10. Chambered in .308, it is a rifle we have wanted to get our hands on for a long time…ever since Ryan Cleckner relayed to us his belief that it was a rifle that was going to take the industry by storm…

Knight’s Armament – SHOT Show 2019

ARBuildJunkie talks with Trey Knight of Knight’s Armament at SHOT Show 2019. We get an overview of new products for 2019…and we talk SR-25 and SR-15. Also, because he has access to pretty much every gun ever made (via the museum), I ask what he would choose if he could only have one.

RISE Armament RA-140 Trigger Overview

Jeremy Bedsaul of recently took a look at the “entry level” RISE Armament RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger and sent us over a brief video review. Is it a worthwhile upgrade to your AR?

Best AR-10 Rifle – A Buyers Guide

What is the best AR-10 rifle…from the factory, off-the-shelf? A somewhat odd question coming from website with “build” in its name, but it’s a question that we get asked from builders who are not ready to commit to an AR-10 build.

Kevin Brittingham of Q – On Innovation and Practicality

ARBuildJunkie recently sat down with Q CEO Kevin Brittingham, one of the industry’s preeminent trendsetters. Bottom line, if you want a view on where the industry is going, you’re going to want to take a hard look at what Q is bringing to market.

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