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Law Tactical – The Story of the AR Folding Stock Adapter

In an industry obsessed with innovation, one company delivering one of the most ground-breaking products in the past decade has been Law Tactical. Their Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter has changed the form factor of the AR, allowing it to go places and do things that were previously impossible. To learn more about Law Tactical, their adapter and what’s next , we reached out to the company and its founder…

SB Tactical and the SBA3 – An Interview with Alex Bosco

There are few AR parts that have achieved what the SB tactical SBA3 pistol stabilizing brace has. We’re frankly hard pressed to name an accessory that has so radically changed what the AR can be, while also being functional and aesthetically pleasing. To learn a bit more, we reached out to the SB Tactical founder and CEO, Alex Bosco.

B5 Systems – Enhanced SOPMOD & Bravo Overview

For my shooting style, I am a still a huge fan of the Enhanced SOPMOD stock. A brief look around the industry tells me I’m not alone in my preference. To learn a bit more about the B5 Systems version of the SOPMOD stock, and the Bravo SOPMOD, we spoke with Mark Keller, Vice President at B5 Systems.

What is the Best AR-15 Stock or Stock Kit?

Strike Industries Viper PDW Stock - MSRP - $274.95

Since there are so many options to choose from when it comes to AR-15 stocks and AR stock kits, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your build. Read through this handy guide to get some ideas on what to consider when buying a stock or stock kit.

Counterfeit Magpul Stocks – What to Look For

A real Magpul from a reputable online retailer....Magpul MOE Stock Mil-Spec (Black) - MSRP - $39.95

Recoil Magazine takes a look at fake Magpul stocks with the help of some staff from Brownell’s. Spotting fakes isn’t always as easy as you think.  Unless you have a super keen eye and a lot of experience with the product in question, the best possible advice is to always buy products that matter to … Read more

Noveske Launches Branded SBA3 Brace

If you’ve got a Noveske pistol build just begging for a Noveske logo on the back of your brace, today is most certainly your lucky day. Noveske has launched their new Noveske-marked SBA3™ pistol brace. Designed for all platforms capable of accepting a mil-spec carbine receiver extension, the SBA3 is adjustable, dramatically enhances versatility, and … Read more

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