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Sig Sauer Firearms and Suppressors – SHOT Show 2019

We talk with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics about VTAC offerings from Sig Sauer for 2019 and we also get an overview of the SIGM400, the SIGM500 TREAD and more. We also speak with John Hollister to discuss the Sig Sauer suppressor lineup for 2019.

Geissele Automatics – SHOT Show 2019

Why is Geissele so highly regarded when it comes to a trigger you can depend on? To find out, we visited the Geissele booth at SHOT Show 2019 to get a close-up look at the Geissele SSA, G2S, SSA-E, Super Dynamic 3-Gun Trigger and get an overview of their Super Duty Trigger…We also ask why so many professionals recommend their brand.

Strike Industries – SHOT Show 2019

strike industries

We checked in with Josh Reed at the Strike Industries booth at SHOT Show to check out what’s new for 2019. He showed off a wide variety of items, including Glock mags, a new suppressor, an upper with interchangeable barrels, new muzzle devices, hand stop kits, QD hand guards and more…

Barrett REC10 – SHOT Show 2019

We were very eager to visit the Barrett booth at SHOT Show 2019 to go hands-on with the Barrett REC10. Chambered in .308, it is a rifle we have wanted to get our hands on for a long time…ever since Ryan Cleckner relayed to us his belief that it was a rifle that was going to take the industry by storm…

Knight’s Armament – SHOT Show 2019

ARBuildJunkie talks with Trey Knight of Knight’s Armament at SHOT Show 2019. We get an overview of new products for 2019…and we talk SR-25 and SR-15. Also, because he has access to pretty much every gun ever made (via the museum), I ask what he would choose if he could only have one.

Aimpoint ACRO P-1 Overview Video – SHOT Show 2019

We stopped by Aimpoint to get a good look at their new optic, the Aimpoint ACRO P-1. The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 features a 3.5 MOA dot size, powered off of a CR1225 3V Lithium battery. Battery life is 10,000 hours. Keith Weaver from Aimpoint gave us the overview…

Red Dot Optic vs. Scope on an AR-15 with Kyle Defoor

Red dot optic vs. scope on your AR-15…which is best? We recently sat down with former Special Mission Unit combat decorated Navy SEAL and sniper, Kyle Defoor to discuss the benefits of a low powered variable optic (LPVO) over a red dot.

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