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Hickok45 Shoots an AR in .224 Valkyrie

Hickok24 hits his classic range to plink with a Savage MSR 15 chambered in .224 Valkyrie.  While this is a cartridge that shines at long range, seeing it shot by one of our favorite online firearms personalities is always fun.

Choosing the Best Charging Handle for Your AR-15 Build

BCMGUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle (5.56mm/.223) Mod 4X4 - MSRP - $95.95

A quality charging handle is an important part of your build. Thankfully, If you are building a custom AR-15, this can be an easy and relatively inexpensive part to replace and install. Let’s take a look at the types of charging handles available…

Counterfeit Magpul Stocks – What to Look For

A real Magpul from a reputable online retailer....Magpul MOE Stock Mil-Spec (Black) - MSRP - $39.95

Recoil Magazine takes a look at fake Magpul stocks with the help of some staff from Brownell’s. Spotting fakes isn’t always as easy as you think.  Unless you have a super keen eye and a lot of experience with the product in question, the best possible advice is to always buy products that matter to … Read more

8.6 Creedmoor – Blackout’s Big Brother is Almost Here

8.6 Creedmore Discreet Ballstics recently sat down with David Stark of Discreet Ballistics to speak about his company’s groundbreaking 30 caliber subsonic loads.  We also had a chance to discuss a very exciting new caliber, 8.6 Creedmoor, which seems poised to become 300 Blackout’s spiritual big brother by taking a modified case from a 6.5 Creedmoor and pairing … Read more

300 Blackout SBR vs. Modern Pistol Carbines

This past weekend I did a hands-on comparison between a 300 Blackout SBR and pistol carbines.  I assumed these firearms obsolete with the advent of the 300 Blackout SBR but I wanted to see for myself. I dusted off up a few of my carbines and gave them a good hands-on. My goal was to compare … Read more

Choosing the Best Bolt Carrier Group for Your AR

Aero Precision .308 / 7.62 Bolt Carrier Group, BCG, Complete - Black Nitride MSRP - $215

Choosing a Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) for your build can get a bit confusing with so many options and variations of material and coating available. We’ll make it easier for you by breaking down the top types of BCG’s here, giving you an idea of what to look for. Bolt Carrier Group Components Here’s a … Read more

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