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Multi Purpose Rifle: CORBON’s 77gr MPR .223 Gel Test has a new video featuring a gel test of Corbon’s 77gr. .223 round.  The ammo is on my personal short list for personal defense and hunting.  Previously, I’d been a big fan of Speer Gold Dots, the Black Hills 77gr. and especially the devastating Barnes 70gr. TSX.  From Corbon: MPR™ is a TRUE Multi-Purpose … Read more

Sig Rattler 300BLK Video Overview

TFB TV reviews the 5.5″ gas piston Sig MMX Rattler in 300 Blackout. MSRP: $2,719.00 From Sig: Featuring a 5.5″ PDW barrel, the MCX platform has never been more compact or accessible. Ready to go wherever it’s needed, the MCX Rattler PSB features a 3-position telescoping pistol brace for stability and easy concealment. This gun … Read more

Strike Industries Launches New Short Pistol Buffer Tubes

If you’re building an AR, pistol, there’s a good chance, size matters. Shorter is better, and that’s where this new short pistol buffer tube from Strike Industries comes into play. “At an overall length of just over 5 inches, the pistol buffer tube reduces the pistol’s overall length. The pistol buffer tube comes complete with … Read more

Homemade Rifle Snatched by Police in Slovakia

As far as hand-built Slovakian rifles go, this actually isn’t too bad.  Follow this link for more images.  There’s not too much information to go on.  Feel free to make up your own backstory…Mine involves Chernobyl and mutated animals.

Liberty Suppressors Announces Low Cost 762HR

The last 7.62 suppressor I picked up for a build was full-auto rated.  To prove it, they attached it to a 240 and let a belt rip.  Impressive, yes…but frankly, I might pop off 60 rounds per range session.  If hunting, one or two if I’m lucky. For folks who are more my speed, Liberty has just … Read more

Noveske Launches Branded SBA3 Brace

If you’ve got a Noveske pistol build just begging for a Noveske logo on the back of your brace, today is most certainly your lucky day. Noveske has launched their new Noveske-marked SBA3™ pistol brace. Designed for all platforms capable of accepting a mil-spec carbine receiver extension, the SBA3 is adjustable, dramatically enhances versatility, and … Read more

A Look Back at the AR-18

Image of an Armalite AR-18

American Rifleman has published a very thorough article highlighting the ArmaLite AR-18/180, which was an early short stroke piston version of the AR-15.  The AR-18 was designed by ArmaLite as an alternative to the AR-15.

.308 Win. vs. 7.62 NATO: What’s the Difference?

308 vs. 7.62

Shooting Illustrated expertly tackles a question we hear quite often from builders exploring the idea of building an AR-10.  We strongly encourage both beginners and experts to take a few minutes to read this thorough and well researched article. Snippet from the article: “What does a shooter need to know about this pair, and what … Read more

M16A2 Featured on the “I Have This Old Gun” Video Series

American Rifleman suddenly makes me feel very old with the launch of a new video in the “I Have This Old Gun” series, focusing on the M16A2.  Surely, they’re messing with us here, right? And here It seems like just yesterday, my dad’s Colt AR15 A2 HBAR was the latest, greatest and coolest gun around. … Read more

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