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Fixing an Overgassed Rifle – Black River Tactical

When it comes to correcting overgassing issues on the AR platform, there are a few approaches you can take involving springs and buffers, but one company offering another solution to overgassed rifles is Black River Tactical. We recently sat down with its owner, Clint Lupton, to talk about overgassing and how his company’s products can … Read more

AR-15 Feed Ramp Problems – School of the American Rifle

We recently reached out to Chad Albrecht at School of the American Rifle to discuss AR-15 feed ramp problems. Issues with feed ramps can be more common than many builders think, especially when you’re perhaps mixing and matching parts from different manufacturers.

V Seven Weapons Systems – Cure for the Common AR?

V Seven Weapons Systems is building high-quality, extremely lightweight ARs using a variety of uncommon materials including titanium, magnesium and lithium aluminum. In recent months we’ve heard a lot of good things about these rifles, so to learn more we reached to V Seven Weapons Systems owner and founder, Joel Allen.

Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) Basics with Ridgeline

Just what is a “Special Purpose Rifle” or SPR and why are these sorts of AR builds becoming increasingly popular? To find out more we reached out to Alex Hartmann from Ridgeline. His company focuses heavily on long-range shooting, as well as producing high quality, ultra reliable Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) builds. We talk with Alex about what Ridgeline offers, precision shooting at distance, and what makes for a high quality Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) build.

Choosing the Right AR Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

VIDEO – If you’re new to building an AR, choosing a Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) for your build can get a bit confusing with so many brands, options and variations of material and coating available. To assist, Jeremy Bedsaul of gives us a video overview of some of the different bolt carrier group choices for your AR-15.

John Paul of JP Enterprises – SHOT Show 2019

We chat with John Paul of JP Enterprises at SHOT Show 2019 where he highlights the new LRP-07 rifle, explains why someone should choose JP…and we also get a rundown of a wide variety or JP rifles, and what’s new in the world of pistol caliber carbines.

H&K 416 – Chuck Pressburg’s Perspective

We’re hearing more and more questions about the H&K 416 lately. Specifically, “Is it worthwhile to try to build (from recently released parts kits) or buy a piston-driven H&K 416 or MR556?” To learn a bit more, we recently spoke with Chuck Pressburg about his experiences with the platform.

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