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VEIL Solutions and Sons of Liberty Gun Works Rifle Revealed

Christopher Woomer of VEIL Solutions has revealed a 13.7″ rifle he has been planning in conjunction with Sons of Liberty Gun Works. The gun looks fantastic at first glance, and should prove to be highly sought after hard-use rifle, much like Aaron Cowan’s SAGE Edition. We look forward to learning more about this rifle, as … Read more

Tactics & Applications – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A with Frank Woods

In a relatively small, yet extremely influential corner of the 2A internet, Frank Woods of Tactics & Applications stands as one of the industry’s most outspoken, sometimes controversial figures. We recently sat down with Woods to discuss his reputation as a provocateur, his background, who qualifies as a “subject matter expert,” the creation of Tactics & Applications, and his recent purchase of, a longtime repository of some of the best information for professional firearms users available anywhere.

Breaking News – White House Pulls Controversial ATF Nominee

Multiple sources have told Politico, The Washington Post, and CNN the White House plans to withdraw his nomination after failing to garner 50 votes in the Senate. Chipman was unable to secure support from even the Democratic caucus after a contentious confirmation hearing and a series of Reload stories on allegations of racism on his part coming from former ATF agents.

Griffin Armament on Suppressing Your AR-15

Griffin Armament is a Combat Veteran owned and operated company that offers a wide variety of suppressors and firearms accessories. We recently sat down with Christopher Snay from Griffin Armament to discuss why you might want to use a suppressor, and the company’s offerings, including their new SR-RIGID, which allows you to fit a suppressor underneath it.

Primary & Secondary Training Summit 2021 – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A

This year’s Primary & Secondary Training Summit is fast approaching. With so many firearms owners seeking ways to rapidly improve their skills and survivability in an increasingly uncertain world, this year’s Training Summit seems an ideal destination. To learn more about what to expect at this year’s event, being held September 4-6th in Logan, Utah, we reached out to Primary & Secondary’s Matt Landfair.

Stag Arms Relocation and Recommitment – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A

We recently sat down Chad Larson, president of Stag Arms to discuss his company’s move to Cheyenne, Wyoming, his efforts to rebrand and refocus the AR manufacturer after a few years of turmoil, and more. Chad gives us an overview of Stag Arms’ history, challenges the company faced, and how he is helping breathe new … Read more

FM Products Launches New 5.56 FM-15 Gen. 2 Rifle – A Q&A with Paul Noonan

At, we hold Paul Noonan and FM Products (Foxtrot Mike Products) in very high regard. it’s rare to find a company that so determinedly underplays its hand while cranking out products that exceed expectations and expand on existing technology. FM Products is doing just that and has a new and exciting firearm, the FM-15 Gen. 2, on the near horizon we’ve been anxious to learn more about.

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