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FM Products Launches New 5.56 FM-15 Gen. 2 Rifle – A Q&A with Paul Noonan

At, we hold Paul Noonan and FM Products (Foxtrot Mike Products) in very high regard. it’s rare to find a company that so determinedly underplays its hand while cranking out products that exceed expectations and expand on existing technology. FM Products is doing just that and has a new and exciting firearm, the FM-15 Gen. 2, on the near horizon we’ve been anxious to learn more about.

Evolve Weapons Systems E-15 – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A with Adam Tarr

With quality control and attention-to-detail sometimes suffering in the firearms industry, Evolve Weapons Systems is quietly producing quality, properly built ARs from their McKinney, Texas headquarters. We recently sat down with co-owner Adam Tarr to discuss his company’s philosophy, others he looks up to in the industry, what consumers should be looking for in an AR-15, and why the small things matter when building a reliable AR.

Save our Braces – Make Your Voice Heard

Help us STOP ATF’s attack on lawful firearms stabilizing braces. The new proposal would re-define the word “rifle” by essentially appending “oh, and braced pistols too, sometimes” to the definition. See what you can do to help fight this potential new rule.

Stephen Gutowski of The Reload Talks Gun Control & Firearms Journalism

Finding a trained journalist who writes accurately and intelligently about firearms and who builds ARs in his spare time can be a challenge, but it’s the reality of who Stephen Gutowski is. With the recent launch of his new independent firearms-focused website, The Reload, Gutowski is providing his readers, including other journalists, sober and serious … Read more

Aimpoint Launches Next Generation Acro Red Dot Optic

Aimpoint has revealed the 50,000 hour Aimpoint Acro P-2…retail is $599. The Aimpoint® Acro P-2 is the next generation in the Acro series with a new battery size of CR2032 and new diode technology. the Acro P-2 will last for 5 years of continuous use on setting 6/10 (daylight setting) In addition to use as a primary optic on handguns, the Acro P-2 can be mounted on carbines, shotguns and rifles.

Bump Stocks Not Subject to ATF Ban

Some encouraging news for those who enjoy bump stocks on their ARs…seen by many as an infringement on 2nd Amendment and 5th Amendment rights, a federal appeals court ruled today that the federal regulation barring bump stocks is likely illegal and was incorrect in claiming that the devices make a weapon a machine gun. On … Read more

ZEV Launches CORE DUTY Rifle

ZEV CORE DUTY Rifles are intended for professional end-users and serious shooters alike. The Duty rifle features the high quality and aesthetics ZEV rifles are known for. With mil-spec controls and functional upgrades, ZEV promises this rifle will deliver excellent performance in the field or on the range. The CORE DUTY Rifle has an MSRP … Read more

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