Latest AR Parts

Clone Rifles – How to Get Started Building a Clone Rifle

We recently sat down with Chris from to learn more about the state of building clone ARs in 2022, his take on the cloning community and its reputation, as well as a bit about the website’s background, what parts are getting hard to find, and some details on his upcoming clone shoot later this year.

CGS Group and their Quest for a Better Suppressor

We recently sat down with Bobby West, owner of CGS Group, to discuss his company’s history and how his staff and their unique approach to making suppressors puts them on a short list of manufacturers to consider for your next purchase.

Aimpoint Launches Aimpoint Duty RDS

When it comes to red dot optics, the T1/T2 from Aimpoint remains our first choice, as it is simple, extremely robust, and proven to work when it counts. Today, Aimpoint announced a new optic that, at first glance, looks a lot like the Aimpoint T1/T2, with a “budget friendly” price of $499 that makes it very attractive.

AR-15 Triggers Explained – Which Trigger is Best for You?

In today’s market, there are an ever-increasing number of AR-15 triggers available to consumers. Not all triggers are created equal, so how does someone pick out what is going to be best for them? Todd Gimian discusses triggers and what you should consider before purchasing.

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