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Rubber City Armory Blacknitride+ Bolt Carrier Groups – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A

We recently sat down with Jeff Larson, director of operations at Rubber City Armory, to discuss his company’s Blacknitride+ bolt carrier groups. Purchasing a quality bolt carrier group is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you have a reliable firearm. With many of our go-to bolt carrier groups hard to come by, we recently purchased a Rubber City Armory bolt carrier group for a build and were very impressed with its quality and its glasslike black nitride finish.

True North Concepts GripStop – A Q&A with CEO, Nathan Murr

In our recent article on best foregrips for the AR platform, we listed the True North Concepts GripStop as one of the best products of its kind on the market. To learn more about the history of the GripStop, we recently sat down with the inventor and True North Concepts CEO, Nathan Murr.

Reptilia Accessories – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A with Nick Booras

Reptilia is quietly become a go-to source for hard use mounting accessories for the AR platform and more. An American design and manufacturing company founded with the mission of developing solutions for those fighting for our freedom, many consumers are learning that when it comes to quality, very few are doing it better. To learn more about Reptilia’s rise, and what’s next, we turned to co-founder Nick Booras.

Will Larson Tribute Rifle – Honoring the Legacy of Will Larson

After Will Larson’s passing, many of his friends and colleagues in the industry decided to pay homage to him. Rather than cloning one of Will’s guns, the decision was made to build a firearm honoring Will by using parts he had a hand in developing and/or made by companies he supported.

Velox Training Group Gives Overview of Magnifiers and Red Dots on ARs

Nick Young from Velox Training group gives a great overview of how to best set up a magnifier behind your red dot, and what to expect from such a configuration. There’s a lot to consider before simply slapping an magnifier behind your existing red dot, including the mount you select for your magnifier, eye relief considerations you may not have thought of, adjusting your magnifier’s diopter, and more.

Hodge Defense Systems – A 2021 Update with Jim Hodge

We recently sat down with Jim Hodge of Hodge Defense Systems to discuss the recent launch of the new Spine Lock (S-Lock) Rail System, the company’s plans for the year ahead, his take on the brand’s growing popularity, and why we should consider being kinder to each other online as we discuss our favorite firearms.

In Defense of the Red Dot Optic with Mark Smith

With so much talk around Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs), it can sometimes seem like 1x red dot optics are falling out of favor. We’ve worked with Mark Smith in the past to bring you the benefits of Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs); however, in this article, we wanted him to discuss the fact that for many, red dots are still the preferred optic for the AR platform.

New AR Optics from Vortex in 2021 – An ARBuildJunkie Q&A

Vortex has announced the launch of new, updated AR-specific optics for 2021, including their SPARC red-dot and their prism-based Spitfire. To learn more about these optics and why they are worth considering, we recently chatted with Vortex’s Reuben Aleckson.

Multitasker Tools Launches the Multitasker NANO

We recently sat down with the owner and founder of Multitasker Tools to discuss the launch of their handy new Multitasker NANO, which is now seeing the light of day after three years in development. We’re huge fans of the company, their products and their commitment to quality without compromise.

MAGPUL Launches MBUS 3 Back Up Iron Sights

Many builders choose to run back up iron sights on their firearms, and the Magpul MBUS front and rear sights have long been considered a dependable and affordable option. Today, as a part of a series of new product launches for 2021, Magpul has announced their updated polymer MBUS 3 back up iron sights.

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