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Build a 224 Valkyrie AR or Wait it Out?

We get a lot of questions from friends and peers…build a 224 Valkyrie AR now or wait it out and see what happens? For those searching for “one gun to do it all”, the 224 Valkyrie is very intriguing in the now, especially for those comfortable building an AR.

Upgrading Your AR Via Small Parts and Components

Dirty Bird ACCU-Wedge for AR-15 - MSRP - $3.95

Upgrading small parts and components can be considered optional, but some easy swap-outs can prove extremely beneficial for the longevity and accuracy of your build. Some can serve as replacement parts, but others can provide a quick and simple upgrade for original factory parts.

What Type of AR Should You Build?

When it comes to ARs, what you build can fulfill a mind-boggling amount of roles, from plinker to precision, from SPR to SBR, all by swapping out your upper and other parts, and pairing it with your registered lower. So…just what are your basic options?

What is the Best AR-15 Stock or Stock Kit?

Strike Industries Viper PDW Stock - MSRP - $274.95

Since there are so many options to choose from when it comes to AR-15 stocks and AR stock kits, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your build. Read through this handy guide to get some ideas on what to consider when buying a stock or stock kit.

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