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AR-15 Gas Block – What to Look for When Buying

ODIN Works Clamp on Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block - MSRP - $99.00

The gas system of your AR-15 is an absolutely essential part of your rifle, and the gas block is an essential part of the gas system. This buyer’s guide shows you what to keep in mind when choosing an AR-15 gas block.

AR-10 Lower Receiver Basics Explained

Aero Precision M5 Stripped Lower Receiver, Anodized Black

With no single industry standard, building an AR-10 can be slightly more challenging than building an AR-15. Gun Digest has released an informative article that is designed to help readers understand the unique specifics of AR-10 lowers.

AR-15 or AR-10? A Build Junkie’s Conundrum

When it comes to ARs, the amount of choices are overwhelming.  Rail systems, uppers receivers, lower receivers, bolt carriers, charging handles, triggers, barrel lengths, piston vs. DI, even different colors and finishes. But even more basic than these choices is the question we hear most often: “Do I build an AR-15 or go with an AR-10?” 

Choosing the Best Charging Handle for Your AR-15 Build

BCMGUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle (5.56mm/.223) Mod 4X4 - MSRP - $95.95

A quality charging handle is an important part of your build. Thankfully, If you are building a custom AR-15, this can be an easy and relatively inexpensive part to replace and install. Let’s take a look at the types of charging handles available…

Counterfeit Magpul Stocks – What to Look For

A real Magpul from a reputable online retailer....Magpul MOE Stock Mil-Spec (Black) - MSRP - $39.95

Recoil Magazine takes a look at fake Magpul stocks with the help of some staff from Brownell’s. Spotting fakes isn’t always as easy as you think.  Unless you have a super keen eye and a lot of experience with the product in question, the best possible advice is to always buy products that matter to … Read more

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